4 Communities for New and Emerging Bloggers

The world of blogging can be overwhelming.  So much to learn. So much to do. So much to write about.  Yes, the basic premise of blogging is to write good content on subjects that matter to the writer in hopes of making a connection with a reader who becomes a follower.  It’s really all about relationship building.

But the reality is, bloggers need inspiration, ideas and a support network for growing their followers and tools for creating a powerful and exciting blog.  One effective solution is to join a blogging community. You will meet and identify bloggers who have the same challenges as you.  You will glean ideas for content and writing better content. You will also learn how to turn your blog into a business.

Below, I am sharing four communities that I have found recent value in following as I continue to develop myself as a professional blogger and building my social media business.  I hope you visit and you find value, too, in the information that they have to share. Oh, and if this information was of value to you, please consider following my blog and I will follow back. Enjoy!



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