Idea Accelerant

I recently read about a North Carolina businessman who developed an idea management software application ( that captures data and helps businesses to create new products, develop clear strategies, and maximize technology.  In a sense, it’s an electronic version of brainstorming or “idea accelerator.”  I love this concept!

Brainstorming is the act of taking random ideas to create a solution.  This act often occurs in group settings and team environments.  However, individuals can use brainstorming to their advantage.  While the solution discussed above targets established businesses looking to expand or create efficiencies, an individual can create their own personal idea accelerator, such as an idea journal.  Each time a random idea pops in your mind, write it down in the journal.  It doesn’t matter how nondescript it may be.  My motto remains to “just get it on paper.”  The journal can serve as a starting point for personal or professional growth because you can refer back to it when it’s time to take proactive strategic action — whether its the next day or next year.  In essence, it becomes your personal written motivation when the time is right to accelerate one of your ideas into an innovative solution.


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