Life is a sparkler

The statement “life is not fair” is a misnomer. Life is the natural act of existence, breathing, and experiencing physically and mentally.  Everything about “life” is great. While it may sound cooler or cliche to make the statement — especially when you are in a position of authority or power — the better statement is “life experiences are not fair.”  And who has not had their fair share of less than favorable experiences. The challenge is to creatively work around the experiences that cause life to not feel good sometimes.  It’s these acts of unfairness that can ignite the spark of passion for doing something you’ve always loved, or mentally challenge you to tap into your inner strength to do what is not so obvious to you.  The art of idea development is as simple as breathing, but sometimes you need to shape the idea, or pull it out from a quagmire of mindless internal (and sometimes) external chatter.  The next time you want to feel inspired and don’t have any ideas brewing off the top of your head, try to take a minimum 15 minutes to become still and quiet and let your mind float.  You’d be surprised at some of the things that come to mind unfiltered.  I’d encourage you to write whatever it is down.  You may have to come back to it later (and that’s relatively speaking), but getting it on paper is the first step to owning your idea.  Try this for an extended period of time (let’s say two to four weeks) and see what you come up with.  And then the next time someone tells you “life is not fair”, you can just smile, because that’s just your cue to retreat into idea mode.


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